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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

We've made booking quick and easy. Just click any of the BOOK NOW buttons throughout our website or select This takes you to the screen where you can pick your therapist, date and time! You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 905-999-9877 if you need any help.

Are your therapists registered?

YES! All of our practitioners are licensed and in excellent standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Do you direct bill to my insurance company?


How do I set up direct billing?

Please email your policy information to [email protected] BEFORE your scheduled appointment. That way we can input your policy information and make sure it is up and running for the day of your appointment. We cannot guarantee direct billing on the same day if we don't have your information in advance.

Why do you ask for my credit card information?

We ask all clients, when booking for their first time, to secure their appointment with a valid credit card.  As some insurance only remit to the insured individual, this allows us to recooperate payment in the event a client does forward the funds. For example: Manulife remits to the insured individual. We submit your claim, they pay you. We can see in our system when the claim has been approved and paid out. We email you informing you of payment owed. We give our clients 24 hr to remit. If they do not, we have the credit card as a back up. As well, the credit card serves to assist us in ensuring our therapists get paid in the event of last minute cancellations and no shows. We take every situation under advisement and respect each client's individual circumstances . We want to find a way that works bet for you so please don't hesitate to email or call us anytime.

Can I  book an appointment without a credit card?

Unfortunately, in order to secure your appointment online, a valid credit card must be put on file. However, we understand not everyone has access to one. We have options available so please email us and we will be happy to get you booked in. Please note, no charges will be placed on your card without full disclosure from us in advance.  We believe in full transparency and provide our clients with every opportunity possible to communicate with us to resolve any outstanding balances.

How do I book appointments for all of my family members at the same address?

There are a couple of ways to do this. Our system automatically programs in travel times between appointments, as we are a mobile company. If you want to book you and your spouse, you can create your profile, book two appointments under your own name. In the second appointment, write a note stating who it is for and we can create a profile for that person. If you want to book subsequent appointments for other members, just continue under your name and add a note per person with their name.

We all have profiles, but I can't book them in

Everyone has an independent profile, secured with a username and password. This is done for legal, confidentiality purposes. Unless you have access to their username and password, you cannot book under their name. You can book multiples under your own name and just let us know who they are for and we can make the adjustments from our end.

I don't have insurance, can I still book a massage?

The answer is absolutely yes!! Insurance should not stand in the way of your treatment that's why we work really hard to ensure the best, most competitive rates so ensure you get the treatment that you need.

Do you sell products?

We are currently investigating retail options for heating pads, topical analgesics ect. If you have a product or brand you think jives with our business model, please don't hesitate to email or call us with your proposal.

What do I need to do to prepare for my appointment?

We ask that your provide us with 2 bed sheets, we recommend older ones that you don't mind getting oil on. We ask you provide 2 to 3 pillows, a chair and space that could accommodate a  twin bed easily. That's it! Our therapists provide the rest.

Can book an appointment the same day?

Yes you can. Because our therapists are on the road, we don't allow online booking less than 4 hours in advance, However, this does not mean you can't email us or call us to book. We'd be happy to book you in once we've confirmed your therapist of choice is available.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and email transfers. Our therapists do NOT ACCEPT CASH  other than gratuities. We prefer not to compromise our professionals by having them handle and carry cash. Please send all email transfers to [email protected]


I have been to an RMT and half my first appointment was taken up by and assessment. Do you do assessments?

Yes we do. But our way around that is that we book you in for a FREE 30 MINUTE assessment in addition to your first massage. That way we can provide our client centered care without eating away at your treatment time. Just select the FREE ASSESSMENT option and pick the length of appointment time.

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